Resources to help you build a meditation practice


De-mystify the meditation hype


Improve your focus, concentration and better understand how your mind works. This clear, practical explanation makes it easy to understand the fundamentals and develop your own practice.

A clear roadmap to understand your mind.


No jargon. Practical steps. Fully illustrated. The perfect guidebook for curious minds who want to better understand that mindfulness thing everyone keeps talking about...


The perfect introduction for friends and family


Suitable for curious minds of all ages and backgrounds wanting to understand the benefits of a meditation practice.

A resource for supporting others


A practical resource for helping your clients with wellbeing, anxiety, sleep, trauma, high performance and resilience.

Learning? Frustrated? Need a reminder?


A refreshing, practical guide to re-energise and kickstart your meditation practice.


A book to help you develop the balance of your mind.


Packages available for bookstores, businesses, educators, wellbeing consultants and large organisations.


In service of a more peaceful world.


This book has been created to champion a mission that supports grassroots community projects. Learn more about the people and mission behind this book here.