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Everyone alive today inherits thousands of years of recorded learning and experimentation with mindfulness and meditation practices. This book has been produced to help make these ideas more accessible and actionable in our modern world.

Produced by learners, for learners. This is not an expert’s opinion. It is a practical resource intended to encourage curiosity, learning and (most importantly) practice.

Produced by learners, for learners

“I created this project with the intention to make the concepts of meditation, mindfulness and vipassana practice easier to understand to anyone keen to learn. It outlines clear, practical steps to gain your own perspective and start practicing. It is not expert direction to master your mind or reach enlightenment. It is a learners guide to help you make up your own mind about what works for you. I’ll be out there learning with you. Onwards!”

Ants Cabraal
Author and Creative Director

Thank you


A huge thank you to the many people who have supported this project along the way. In particular: 


Sara Makdessi


Seed the change
Social impact partnership

Felicity Jane Powell
Early stage support


Seeding the change


$1 from every copy sold will be redistributed to support The Gautuam Buddha Free School in Bihar, India. This is made possible by Seed The Change.

Learn more about this work here.

Let’s grow this movement together


We hope to encourage more people to develop these skills and integrate them usefully into their lives, so we can all be happier and healthier everyday. This mission is just beginning. If you are interested in supporting the expansion of this work with investment, distribution, marketing or product development, let’s connect and work out what we can do together.


Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch soon.